I was fortunate to have been raised in the farmlands of eastern Will County, Illinois, where the rolling plains, prairie sunrises and sunsets, the white gravel roads, neat farmsteads, and the truly dark, starlit nighttime skies of the ’50s remain a living and influential memory. I remember my mother waking me before dawn to see the rising moon, which must be why I seem to include the moon in most of my landscapes.  West-central Wisconsin is now my home, and I find many subjects in the fields, woods and skies, as well as in the historical buildings and winding roads.

I use various styles and media to portray my subjects, favoring graphite pencil, charcoal or oil, but also soft pastels, oil pastels, and watercolor pencils. I will do commissioned work, and have done illustration, including state birds, flowers and trees for Microsoft’s Encarta reference library. I am interested in making interpretations, not copies, of old photos that people wish to preserve as artwork. I may be contacted for sales or proposed commissions by phone or email, and am happy to schedule viewing appointments at my home. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas; I would like to hear from you.

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